Špira Puovića I 10,HR-21220 Trogir,Croatia

Villa Fani - Rent Apartments and Rooms in Trogir, Croatia

Villa Fani - Rent apartments and rooms in Trogir, Croatia, is divided into floors and mezzanines, therefore the number of apartmants (eight) does not seem so large a number after all –every apartment ensures precisely that sense of privacy which you can feel inside your own home.

The first floor has three apartments, the first mezzanine has two, the second floor one and the second mezzanine has two apartmants. Every apartment is equipped with central heating system, air conditioner, wireless internet with additional payment, digital television with satellite dish and a stereo including a DVD player, as well as the terrace egress.

The apartments' interior is divided into kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, and there is only one apartment situated on the second floor in which there is no living room.
Every apartmant yet has an egress to a vast terrace and the kitchen is well-equipped: from the cutlery all the way to the various kitchen appliances such as microwave or toster. As an apartment's guest, you would also like to feel as if though you were in your own home – you would like to know what you are sleeping on. Here we can offer you a placid sleep due to our high-quality mattresses, like the ones you would afford to have in your own home.
In case you decide to spend your vacation as a group which would include a larger number of people where one bedroom gets too small, we can accomodate you by rearranging the living room into the bedroom, since the studio sofa can be easily transformed into bed.

Apart from all the things stated, in front of the Villa there is also, as a part of household inventory, a small tavern with grill and terrace, which if you want and if you make reservation can be used and enjoyed by you and your company while having lunch or supper.

The tavern is an excellent choice if you want to have the pleasure of enjoying the meals you prepare by yourself in relaxed and intimate atmosphere outside the house, as well outside of town.
As your hosts, apart from the interior and exterior offer, what we can guarantee you is also tranquility, quietude and privacy, complaisance and affability to the true extent.

Rent our apartments and rooms, and spend an unforgettable holiday in Villa Fani - Trogir accommodation.

Villa Fani - Rent apartments and rooms in Trogir, Croatia, wishes you a pleasant vacation on the Croatian coast.

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