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Blue Lagoon - "Krknjasi"

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Blue Lagoon - Accommodation in Split region, Trogir

Krknjasi bay on the east coast of the island Veli Drvenik is known as the Blue Lagoon for its incredible hue of crystal clear water which create an unique tropical paradise.This natural gem is protected with two islands from the outside, large (Veliki) and small (Small) Krknjas. The unusual sandy sea bottom and the immaculate shallow crystal clear water create an unique tropical paradise in the middle of Dalmatia. Although it is not too far from land, Krknjasi gives you a shelter from the city noise, crowded places and beaches, therefore it is one of the favorite destinations. Along the coast are small coves with sandy shoals that provide intimacy and are suitable for families with small children. While you are there, don’t miss the popular Dalmatian restaurant, “The Communists” which serves great traditional Dalmatian fare and wonderful seafood. The coast is easily accessible by boat.

There are several ways to reach the Blue Lagoon.

* boat rent
* organized boat excursion (tickets to buy on coast in the center of Trogir or Okrug Gornji beach)
* ship line Vranjic - Blue Lagoon

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